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Now, a blood test for lung cancer that can help detect cancer at its earliest stages..   Order directly from our lab. Click now to order.

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 Introducing PAULA’s Test

PAULA’s Test is a new blood test for lung cancer that looks at biomarkers in blood associated with lung cancer.  It can identify the earliest stage cancers when treatment can lead to survival rates as high as 80%.

Even Ex Smokers remain at risk for lung cancer many years after quitting!

Regardless of whether you currently smoke or if you already quit, you want to know if you have lung cancer as early as possible.  

Why do people say “I don’t want to know if I have lung cancer?”

Even today, when advanced imaging and diagnostic tests are more available than ever, most cases of lung cancers are still found late.   When people wait only until after symptoms develop, the disease may have already progressed to the advanced stages, leading to a poor prognosis and low survival rates. 

You Really Do Want to Know!

The good news is lung cancer can be found early, and survival rates can exceed 80%!   So, you really do want to know, and you want to know as early as possible, especially before symtpoms appear.    Early diagnosis can start with PAULA’s Test.    PAULA’s Test gives you important information, which can lead to a definitive diagnosis and early intervention. 

So Affordable – Costs about the same as two cartons of cigarettes!

Treatment for cancer is expensive.  The longer you wait, the more extensive the disease progresses, leading to much higher costs for treatment and therapies.    PAULA’s Test is extremely affordable and can help lead to early diagnosis, which can significantly reduce your treatment expenses.

Ready to get Started?  Getting Tested is Easy!

Getting tested with PAULA’s Test is just like getting other routine blood tests your doctor orders.   PAULA’s Test is only to be performed by  Genesys Biolabs, the company that developed the test.  You can order online by clicking below.   We send you a collection kit you take to your doctor.  Your specimen is sent back to our lab and results are ready in 7-10 days.