Concerned About Lung Cancer?

Early Detection Saves Lives

Early detection of lung cancer IS OUR MISSION!

PAULA’s Test can help identify lung cancer in the earliest stages when treatment can be most successful.


Welcome to PAULA’s Test

At Genesys Biolabs, we are focused on early detection of lung cancer using PAULA’s Test, an affordable blood test which can identify lung cancer risk even at the earliest stages of development.

Blood Test for Lung Cancer

Why is Early Detection So Important?

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and is known as, “The Silent Killer”.. Most cases of lung cancer are diagnosed late, after developing quietly for years and eventually spreading to other parts of the body.  PAULA’s Test can help you know your risk now, when early detection may greatly improve treatment options and chances for a successful outcome. Statistics show, lung cancers detected early can be survivable in up to 80% of cases.

Getting Tested is Easy!

Everyone gets blood tests. PAULA’s Test uses a standard blood collection method just like other tests your doctor already orders.  When you order PAULA’s Test, we send you a collection kit which you take to your doctor.ÃWhen your specimen is drawn, send it back to our lab using the pre-paid shipping container provided. It’s really that easy.

How it Works